• VIP Villanova Men's Basketball Game Day Experience at the Finneran Pavilion: Post-Game Wildcat Meet & Greet

  • VIP Villanova Men's Basketball Game Day Experience at the Wells Fargo Center: Bench Warmers Pregame Access

  • Dinner with Athletes: Organize a special dinner where attendees can dine with athletes, allowing for conversations and photo opportunities.

  • Team Travel Experience: Provide the opportunity to travel with the team to an away game, including flights, hotel accommodations, and VIP seating. 

  • Exclusive Workout Sessions: Offer a chance to join the team during their off-season workout sessions, giving fans an insight into the athletes' training program. 

  • Team Community Service Day: Organize a day where fans can join the team in a community service project, building a sense of camaraderie while giving back to the community.

  • Virtual Meet and Greet Sessions: For fans unable to attend in person, offer virtual meet and greet sessions with players and coaches, including a Q&A session and digital autographs. 

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